Everywhere you look there is a digital agency that is offering web and app design services at dirt-cheap costs. It’s one of the most competitive industries, and yet, we have been successfully helping our clients for almost 20 years.

Let me share my story of building a global brand from scratch, beating the competitors, and sustaining in the business for two decades with no outside investment. Take it as a blueprint for people who want to start their own company or go global.

  • From zero to a multimillion-dollar company
  • From local clients to global clients
  • From $200 dollars worth of…

The last six months alone have produced more digital transformation than the last decade. No one could have predicted where 2020 would take us. The process of moving to a digital business is unstoppable. There is no going back to the “normal”.

Many businesses are turning interactions, communications, business functions, and business models into (more) digital ones. In most cases, it’s a mix of autonomous, semi-autonomous, and manual operations. Some of these digital transformations were natural shifts, others were displaced by more urgent needs. …

Every top-level design agency understands the importance of research in the design process. However, there are still a lot of clients/companies that don’t understand the real value of research and the whole discovery phase. They usually “know everything” and want to jump straight to design work. Speaking from our own experience, no successful digital product was created only in the design tool.

For every design team, it’s important to have enough information from their client/company they will be designing the experience for. Design discovery is a key process that precedes the creative design work. It allows us to create the…

We have just entered the final year of this decade (As with the centuries, the new decade will start with the year 2021) and everyone is curious and eagerly awaiting to see what dominating trends we’ll see for UX in 2020.

Dominated by AR (Augmented Reality), Virtual Reality (VR) or designing mobile-first experiences, 2019 continued down the path of user focus and making technology more useful.

Augmented reality (AR) has immense potential to benefit our everyday lives — especially in the car. From improving the driving experience to preventing accidents and from providing helpful information turn-by-turn directions, the future of the connected car has never looked so amazing.

The Connected Experience

From the moment you step into the car AR, AI, internet access, smartphone integration and voice control work together to enhance the drive and make the experience effortless for the journey ahead.

How to start a successful digital project? Build MVP!

Our goal is to assess all requirements and build MVP in form of a clickable design prototype as soon as possible — a tangible result that can make an impact, get critical feedback or win funding pitches with ease. Best of all. It takes only 4 weeks.

1st week
We focus on the business questions — problems you are trying to solve, solutions you offer, key metrics and competitive advantages. …

Big companies like IBM, Uber, Salesforce, Airbnb and many others have one thing in common when it comes to design. Their digital products are created and maintained by their individual teams that leverage their own design systems. They are using modular components and atomic design principles based on their design systems allowing them to build products and innovate at a rapid pace.

Despite the trend and chatter in the design community, Design Systems are not only desired by the design and development teams but have a business impact as well. The benefits of the design system are too significant to…

Designing a website is a complex process, which combines a lot of small elements and experiences together. Each element has its importance and most of them irreplaceable. One of them is navigation. This “small bar” at the top of the page is extremely crucial. On one hand, it guides visitors thought the most important part of your site and it serves as a lead for them, on the other hand, it also has a massive impact on SEO. If the site is easy to use, it will appear in the top places in search engine listings.

Navigation vs. Search
Navigation is…

The majority of information that people process is visual. In fact, 50% of all nerve fibers connected to the brain are linked to the retina, i.e. they are directly or indirectly related to vision. Even the most complex ideas can be easily explained through pictures. In graphic design, pictures are used not only to create an emotion, but they also have to be functional. If we look at the latest design trends, we will see that illustrations are really popular in creating user interfaces. Google, Slack, InVision, Dropbox, MailChimp, Asana, Salesforce, and many more are using illustrations in UI.


There is a crucial difference between UX writer and conventional copywriter. UX writer is involved in the design process, whereas conventional copywriter fills the space in the design with the texts. Copywriter is creating marketing and promotional content e.g. “20% sale on all selected goods”, or promoting the product itself. Oftentimes it’s the kind of content that people are usually filtering and do not pay any attention to. The role of the UX writer is to catch the eye of the user and make his experience as smooth as possible.

“The role of UX writer is to catch the eye…


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