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  • Mario Martin

    Mario Martin

    Design Evangelist. Obrero de la imagen. Infantería del diseño. Apasionado del UX. Let's design something cool! Trabajando en Creative Services @AccentureSpain

  • Bnjm


    When I'll grow up I'll be a freaking motion designer! For now I'm just experimenting in animation, follow my progress on my humble website!

  • Naitana Moreno

    Naitana Moreno

    Webdesigner/Front-end Developer, loves technologies and thinks the web has a very bright future

  • Topp Brocales

    Topp Brocales

    Building efficient design teams while delivering user-centric digital products. Senior Product Designer at 7Geese.

  • Nejc Rodošek

    Nejc Rodošek

    Dreamer — Believer — Doer. CEO @ KA Web Agency.

  • Samphan Sittiwantana

    Samphan Sittiwantana

  • Carol Midori

    Carol Midori

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