How can we help you create MVP in 4 weeks?

How to start a successful digital project? Build MVP!

Our goal is to assess all requirements and build MVP in form of a clickable design prototype as soon as possible — a tangible result that can make an impact, get critical feedback or win funding pitches with ease. Best of all. It takes only 4 weeks.

1st week
We focus on the business questions problems you are trying to solve, solutions you offer, key metrics and competitive advantages. Together with you, we create a list of features and functionality that takes into consideration the business needs in addition to the needs of a successful app or web site.

2nd week
To build a clickable MVP or prototype, we must first understand your primary users. We start by identifying groups of users and the archetypes that are linked with those groups. Taking the business goals, UX archetypes and a fresh architecture, we will begin to build the new product experience.

3rd week
Based on the analysis of your needs and requirements and your users, we start setting up a unique visual language and a strong design framework. A visual attitude and personality that will differentiate your brand from its competitors expressed through the color palette, characteristics and qualities of lines, shapes, textures, typeface, and all other visual elements.

4th week
Your MVP project literally comes alive, and you and our team can visualize it for the first time in its full beauty. At the end of the week, we have a clickable design prototype that is sometimes undetectable from the real application. It’s a powerful motivator for the whole team.

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Product design & development house Plat4M, is a team of results-driven entrepreneurs that help rapidly-growing startups and enterprises succeed.

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